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Playlist 18/02/07

the aquarian mix
2. Melasse Soulmap [Highscore ]
3. Bebel Gilberto Bring Back The Love/Prins Thomas Mix [Crammed]
4. Joyce Muniz/Karl Moestl Amar E Derepente [CDR]
5. Anthony Joseph & The Spasm Band Buddha [Heavenly Sweetness]
6. Mos Def Sun, Moon, Stars [Geffen]
7. Solomon Ilori And His Afro-Drum Ensemble Igbesi Aiye (Song Of Praise To God) [Honest Jons]
8. Fruko Y Sus Tesos Salsa Na Ma [Soundway Colombia Compilation]
9. Local 12 Kulo [ABCD]
10. The Soul Jazz Orchestra Mr. President [Do Right!]
11. Teenage DJ Disco Best I Was A Teenage DJ [White]
12. Domu Dangerous Times/Simbad Remix [Co op]
13. Karizma The Damn Thing [R2]
14. Trusme Browns [Stillove4Music]
15. Simbad feat. Abdul Shyllon Supersonic Revelation/Marathon Men Remix [Raw Fusion Test]
16. Karizma Tech This Out, Pt. 2 [R2]
17. Koop I See A Different You/Beanfield Remix [Compost]
18. Raul Midon Sunshine [Manhattan]
19. Colman Brothers El Nino Big Band 7inch Edit [Wah Wah 45s]
20. Open Souls Rise Up Pt. 1 [Mukatsuku]

back again ... with a mixed box of variety from all over the place - my favourite jazz tune at the moment by solomon ilori, the big 12inch by karizma, beanfield remixing koop, great latino rythms out of colombia and puerto rico (check the heco en casa series on bitasweet candela and the brilliant compilation "colombia" on soundway!), big bootleg housedisco pressure by trusme, another fine prins thomas remix-this time for bebel gilberto, that jazzdance tune working the floors right now by the colman brothers, and two simbad productions - watch out for this name! big things on the way...all'n'all the usual freestyle ride, aquarian style.
back next week with a mix by soulparlor, 2 guys out of mainz (near frankfurt) who are holding the broken beats flag up high with their clubnights - next guests on the 24th are marc de clive-lowe with bembe segue live.
check it.



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