Sydney producer Rephrase aka Jaime Olsen is not killin time as Superman's sidekick but straightup's latest guest mixer!

Playlist Rephrase

1. Rephrase Funky Little So & So Basement Freaks Mix [ Knowfoowl]
2. All Good Funk Alliance Superjam Flow Dynamics Mix [ Funk Weapons ]
3. Rephrase Since 1939 [ Knowfoowl]
4. Kurtis Better Than the Real Thing Rephrase Mix [ Independent ]
5. Rephrase Boulevard [ Knowfoowl]
6. Random Heroes C'mon & Get It Soul Harmonics Mix [ Freestyle ]
7. Tom Eno La Barajadura Rephrase Mix [ Jack To Phono ]
8. Bugz in the Attic Move Aside Rephrase Mix [ CDR ]
9. Rephrase Good Feelin' [ Knowfoowl]
10. Rephrase Master [ Casa Del Discos]
11. Fort Knox Five Dodge City Rockers [ Funk Weapons]
12. Rephrase Chase your Tail All Good Funk Alliance Mix [ Knowfoowl ]
13. Rephrase The Return of Jimmy Fingers [ Knowfoowl]
14. Malente In the Sky [ Unique]
15. Rhibosome Impulse Flow Dynamics Mix [ Freestyke]
16. Fort Knox Five The Big Score Dropped Mix [ Funk Weapons]
17. Rephrase Lip Service [ Knowfoowl]
18. Rephrase Mink [ Casa Del Discos]
19. Ed Royal & Dj Enne Hip to Be Square Rephrase Mix [ Innvision ]
20. Rephrase Oldtimer [ Knowfoowl]

Having done supports for Mo Horizons, Ed Royal and Kraak and Smaak, Rephrase is in the international spotlight with is new album "Little Victories" released two weeks ago on Syudney label Knowfool run by straightup's own Huw Ellis of Bebop and Rocksteady.

The album was developed over a period of one and a half years, Little Victories is an accomplished dance album. With an epic 2CD remix project in the pipeline, big things are a sure thing for this versatile producer.

Just awarded sunset album of the week on 2fbi.

We give you Rephrase!


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This is brill
I'm mighty jealous

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