A look at some of the globe's newest releases with a tip of the cap to the classic productions of yesteryear.

Playlist 7/02/07

1. Inverse Cinematics meets Circus Sagres [ CDR]
2. Visions Of Tomorrow Galaxy [ Past Due]
3. Ben Westbeech Get Silly [ Brownswood]
4. Los Hermanos Latinos Bomba [ White label]
5. Nostalgia 77 Little Steps [ Tru Thoughts]
6. J. Rocc Bubbha’s Dance [ Stones Throw]
7. Pharaoh Monch Body Baby [ CDR]
8. Jazzy Jeff feat Rhymefest Jeff n Fess [ BBE Rapster]
9. J. Dilla Crushin [ Stones Throw]
10. Mr President Love & Happiness [ Favorite]
11. Ghost Basic Instinct (Natural Sefl rmx) [ Breakin Bread]
12. Studio R feat Capital A (Llorca mix) A + R [ Compost Black Label]
13. John Tejada The End Of It All [ CDR]

Better late than never! No mess, no fuss and all music this time around as Huwston puts down the mic (too many late nights and early mornings sealing envelopes) and seamlessly blends the releases you are most looking forward to this year. We get a double hit of Stones Throw, both from the MP3 download only Chrome Children 2 and from the soon-come J. Dilla reissue Ruff Draft. On the Jazzier side of things. Mr Ben Lamdin return sans octet to bring us a sweeter sound of Nostalgia 77, with this Bacharach-esque number and Ben Westbeech borrows that Ray Baretto hook to make a beautiful new pop tune. Really looking forward to playing more of the Mr President aka Patchworks stuff and this new single on Favourite is one of Patchworks’ best – Al Green hasn’t been done such justice since that dope edit of the same song a few years back now. We wrap things up with the more driven sounds of Compost Black label (check the funky b-boy mixes on the 12") and the hypnotic and progressive electronics of John Tejada. Not really a sound I’m chasing but this has really helped the brain stay in gear this week whilst I’ve been up all night doin it to it for the new Rephrase album, which is out now on my Knowfoowl Music. Check it out here:



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