Brian May aka DJ Delay continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world. Balkan Beats to space dub.

Playlist 31/01/07 - Minimal Euro Stylings

1. In House Skugge [ Mitek]
2. Forevermen Skugge [ Mitek]
3. Drop LFO Skugge [ Mitek]
4. Set - Up Skugge [ Mitek]
5. Let It Rain Deadbeat [ Scape]
6. For Palestine Deadbeat [ Scape]
7. Bleu Isolee [ Playhouse]
8. Shake Fenin [ Meteosound]
9. South Fenin [ Shitkatapult]
10. Aware Fenin [ Shitkatapult]
11. Bollerwagen Holz [ Shitkatapult]
12. Aufschwung Ost Phon.o [ Shitkatapult]
13. Das Tier Peter Grummich [ Shitkatapult]
14. Bread & Butter Peter Grummich [ Shitkatapult]

The antidote to a rather toxic start to the year. Mostly quirky clean and minimal electronic music. All tunes of a strong semi-mature vintage.
Checkout some more original electronic, dub, and balkan sounds on myspace: smackumyongaku & balkanbeastsaus


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