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Playlist 31/01/07

1. DJ Day A Place To Go [ Melting Pot]
2. Sasso Tudo Bem [ White]
3. Red Astaire Mambo Dinero [ Homegrown]
4. Rodrigo Lack of Afro (Natural Self mix) [ Freestyle]
5. Quasimode Ipe Amarelo (Spiritual South edit) [ Raw Fusion]
6. Sasso Freedom Jazz Dance [ Sing Sing music]
7. DJ Day Change Your Mind [ Subcontract]
8. Red Astaire Mambo El Bboy [ Homegrown]
9. Polly Gibbons Are You Ok [ Rugged Ram]
10. Sleepwalker River Of Love [ Especial]
11. 4 Hero Why Dont You Talk [ Raw Canvas]

Kicking things off with a splatter of fine Latin influenced sounds this time round, bringing a little sunshine to this damp January over here in the UK. No microphones involved this week, they are in repair after an accident involving a shoe and a cup of tea

We have waited just over six years for any new material from 4 Hero and its finally here, wrapping up the show this week is a fantastic cut from their new album, called why dont you talk. Ok your going to have to wait another sixty minutes to hear it, but its well worth the wait. Anyway, there is plenty more fantastic records for you to get your ears round before then

A couple of recent cuts from DJ Day, starting off with the boogie led ‘A place to go’ followed up with the ridiculously limited Japanese only release ‘Change your mind’ on the Subcontract label. Both killer tunes worth hunting down

I have also included a couple of tracks by one of Manchester’s secret weapons, Sasso. Check out the carnival influenced drums on ‘Tudo Bem’ and the smoked out grooves used in ‘Freedom Jazz Dance’

No Hood Radio show would really be complete with out a couple of Swedish hip hop cuts and this time round, Red Astaire is cutting up some choice Latin sounds on his new ‘Mambo’ EP on his own Homegrown label.

Winding things down, we have a track taken from UK soul singer, Polly Gibbons. Just picked this up this afternoon and am rather impressed. Lovely voice, needs more beats in my opinion but hey, its bound to happen sooner or later!

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