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Playlist 22/01/07

1. Aaron Jerome Dancing Girl w/Mozez [Test]
2. Liparis Nervosa Sextet Prayer [All City]
3. Part Time Heroes Believe [Mum's The Word]
4. Mr. President Love & Happiness feat. Mr. Day/MJA Remix [Favorite Test]
5. Lundo/Chango Family Outro Mundo [Afro-Kats]
6. Mos Def Sun , Moon , Stars [Geffen]
7. Catalyst Bahia [Muse]
9. DJ Day Intro [MPM]
10. The Violinaires I Don't Know [Cadet]
11. Jay-Z Intro [Def Jam]
12. Johnny Pate Shaft In Africa Edit [Open Season]
13. Geraldo Pino Power To The People [Suzumi]
14. BDP Exibit B [Jive]
15. Outbreak Give Me Some Of Your Lovin' [Milk Crate]
16. De La Soul & Common The Bizness (Paul Nice Remix) [Rub]
17. Pete Rock feat. Vanessa Sanchez Heard 'Em Say (I Had To Say) [Handcuts]
18. DJ Day A Place To Go [MPM]
19. Mother Night Fools Are You [CBS]
20. Kutiman No Reason For You [MPM Test]
21. Ekambi Brillant Aboki [Decca]
22. Family Of Eve Please Be Truthful [Lotus Land]
23. Ghostface Charlie Brown [Airplay]
24. Pharoahe Monch Push [SRC]
25. DJ Day First Step [MPM]
26. Clipse feat. Bilal & Pharell Nightmares [Jive]
28. Karl Orff Capoeira Makes Them Wet [Test]
30. John Coltrane Words From "The Sun" [Impulse]
31. Alice Coltrane Turiya And Ramakrishna [Impulse]
32. Alice Coltrane Galaxy In Satchindananda [Impulse]
33. Alice Coltrane Journey In Satchidananda [Impulse]
34. Alice Coltrane A Love Supreme [Impulse]
35. Alice Coltrane Blue Nile [Impulse]
36. Alice Coltrane A Love Supreme [Impulse]
38. Kenny Garrett Qing Wen [Nonesuch]

not really happy about doing tribute mixes - not that i don't like to play the music of all the original jazz & soul legends , but they are now passing away too fast...alice coltrane died surprisingly far too young at the age of 63 on the 12th january in california. the wife of john coltrane kept the legacy alive and took it musically somewhere else, very much influenced by her believe in higher powers religion-wise. she played the harp and the piano in a unique style and was just about to release a new album. in 2004 she recorded a great album produced by one of her sons , ravi coltrane, "translinear light", but for the tribute in this weeks show its all about her early pieces like "world galaxy", "journey in satchidananda", "ptah the el daoud", .... she influenced producers like marc mac, surely also jason swinscoe, the man behind the cinematic orchestra and many more. alice coltrane's music stays here on earth while she is now in her own galaxy. R.I.P.
also in the show a great mix by olski out of cologne who runs the excellent melting pot music label, dedicated to soul, funk, breaks and hiphop beats. thanks a lot for the 50 minutes of rap jams & protest songs!
stunning cover version of terry callier's"dancing girl" by aaron jerome with mozez on the vocals opening up, the part time heroes, mr. president, mos def to follow...the show is not really about more clubbier beats this time as last week as well, but hold tight, they are comin...
enjoy, michael

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