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Playlist 20/01/07 with Jazzanova

1. Alice Coltrane - A Love Supreme [Impulse]
2. Alice Coltrane - Huntington Ashram Monastery [Impulse]
3. Alice Coltrane - Sita Ram [Impulse]
4. La Mirage - Night Session [Trikont]
6. Codek - Tim Toum [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
7. Outlines feat Beat Assailant - Waiting in Line [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
8. Thief - Atlantic [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
9. Markus Enochson - Tonight the Night (Quasimode Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
10. Jazzanova - Sirens [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
11. Jazzanova - Behold These Days (Berlin 74) [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
12. Jazzanova - Am I Losing You? [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
13. Jazzanova - Theme from Belle et Fou (Bows) [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
14. Paul Randolph - Believer (Jazzanova Remix) [Still Music/Creative Vibes]
15. Furry Phreaks - Travel All over the World (Jazzanova Remix) [Defected/Stomp]
16. Heritage Orchestra - Sky Breaks (Jazzanova Remix) [Brownswood/Creative Vibes]
17. Outlines - Listen to the Drums (Drum Lesson Remix) [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
18. Thief - Sunchild [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
19. Outlines - I've Been Waiting [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
20. Talking Drums - Courage [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]

This week's Stylin opened with a trio of pieces from the late legend Alice Coltrane. Alice recorded with and married John Coltrane in the last years of his short life, and then continued to pursue the highly spiritual approach to music they shared during those years. In the late 60s and early 70s, she released a string of heavy and classic albums for the Impulse record label. She made an impressive return to Impulse in 2004 for the Translinear Light album, from which we heard Sita Ram.

I got to play one more tune after the Alice tribute, and then it was a J-Nova take-ova once Alex Barck from Jazzanova walked through the door of RRR's Studio 1. He unleashed a barrage of unreleased music from the Jazzanova/Sonar Kollektiv camps, including some world premieres. Among these were the forthcoming albums from Outlines and Thief, and a new compilation of soulful 80s new wave called 'Computer Incarnations for World Peace'.

No Stylin next week as I will be joining Jazzanova in Perth next Friday for a party at The Bakery. For live RRR listeners, my Straight Up buddy Loot (formerly known as Motive) will be looking after Stylin for me (thanks!).

Stylin broadcasts live each Friday on Australia's best known community station, 3RRR-FM Melbourne.

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