Brian May aka DJ Delay continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world. Balkan Beats to space dub.

Playlist 17/01/07 - Toxic Dancehall

1. Killer The Bug [Rephlex]
2. Killer version The Bug [Rephlex]
3. immitator The Bug [Rephlex]
4. Babylon Unitone Hi Fi [Incoming!]
5. Tried by 12 East Flatbush Project [Warp]
6. Reunited Wu-Tang Clan [Subaudio]
7. Vertical Knifehandchop [Irritant]
8. Buckle up The Bug [Tigerbeat 6]
9. Not For The Ladies Knifehandchop [Tigerbeat 6]
10. Taking The Soul Out Of Music vs Vertical Knifehandchop [Tigerbeat 6]
11. Knock Knock Roni Size & Spragga Benz [Wall Of Sound]
12. Seeaga Face DJ C & Johhny P [Shockout]
13. Ridin' Dirty Phon.o [Shitkatapult]
14. Silikon Modeselektor [ Bpitchcontrol]
15. Burn Both Of Us Phon.o [Shitkatapult]
16. Metric Ellen Allien & Apparat [Bpitchcontrol]
17. Nu Styling Stereotyp [ Klein]

To kick off 2007 and blow away the cobwebs, ITG goes dirty, distorted and loud (mostly). Some great distorted dancehall from The Bug, messed up Wu-tang & Flatbush Project from Funkstörung, cutup-amen-dancehall-hardcore-rave from DJ C and Knifehand chop - ending with a Germanic rinseout from the family of modeselektoraparatallienphonostereoalhacatyp-o-sound.

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