Visions Of Tomorrow
Past Due 12”
Past Due is a subsidiary of Chicago based Still Music, who are packing more heat in 2007 than the Bloods and the Crips at the Player Haters ball. Led by punchy horns stabs and a cosmic squelchy synth line ‘Galaxy’ just promotes smiling (and of course dancing). This great disco boogie tune gets reworked by Charles Webster and Francois A (Buzzin Fly) to great effect. Webster’s is on more of a swaying tip whilst Francois goes for a more driven 4/4 feel, both retaining the soul of the original. It’s hard to tell whether Webster’s extra synth overlays are going for the slow-down Italo disco flava that’s ‘so hot right now’ but there is something kinda contemporary about it. Along with Francois’ 4/4 kick underneath, you get a boppy little key pattern similar of the Fabrice Lig Detroity sound and it’s great! And if you like this little nugget, just wait for all of the other totally legit remastered monsters coming from the vaults of Still Music and Past Due in 2007, cos you’re in for a real treat.
Tru Thoughts 12”
Bamboos band leader and Straight Up presenter/DJ Lance Ferguson presents the first 12” from his debut album This Is My Home as Lanu on Tru Thoughts. This is a truly special piece of music, and not just by tall-poppy cutting Australian standards. The A side track is a delightfully bouncy boogie tune, with all of the bells and whistles reminiscent of what might happen if Roy Ayers and Bugz In The Attic got inside each others sessions. What sets this bad bwoi apart though, is the conscious and clever political lyrics sung by lance and his Melbourne cohorts. A cross between sci fi references and an all too harsh reality this tune, amongst others on the album promotes a funky freedom not heard in this genre of music since… um… since??? Flip it over for the afro-bruk of ‘Mother Earth’ featuring Aloe Blacc on vocals and Quantic on guitar and keys. Another didactic set of lyrics, this is like a double shot of summer, whatever hemisphere of Mother Earth you live on.