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Playlist 31/12/06

James Brown Tribute
2. Introduction at The Apollo Theatre [King Records]
3. James Brown with Louis Bellson Orchestra It's A Man's Man's Man's World [King Records]
4. James Brown There It Is Part 1 [Polydor]
5. James Brown Get On The Good Foot Part 1 [Polydor]
6. James Brown I Feel Alright/Live At The Apollo [King Records]
7. James Brown I Feel Good (I Got You)/Live At The Apollo [King Records]
8. James Brown Soul Power [Polydor]
9. Lyn Collins Think [People]
10. James Brown Funky Drummer Edit [Urban]
11. James Brown Say It Loud, I'm Black And Proud Parts 1&2 [King Records]
12. James Brown The Payback [Polydor]
13. James Brown Mind Power [Polydor]
14. James Brown Papa Don't Take No Mess [Polydor]
15. James Brown Blind Man Can't See It [Polydor]
16. James Brown The Popcorn [Polydor]
17. Fred Wesley & The JB's Doing It To Death [People]
18. James Brown Ain't It Funky Now [King Records]
19. James Brown Stoned To The Bone [Polydor]
20. The JB's Gimme Some More [People]
21. James Brown Talkin Loud & Sayin Nothing [Urban/Polydor]
22. James Brown She's The One [Polydor]
23. James Brown Hot Pants Part 1 [Polydor]
24. James Brown Get Up And Drive Your Funky Soul [Polydor]
25. James Brown The Boss [Polydor]
26. James Brown Never Can Say Goodbye [Polydor]
27. James Brown It's A Man's Man's Man's World/Live At The Apollo [King Records]

JAMES BROWN R.I.P. - the man who influenced loads of the music we are listening and gettin down to today, the endless repetitive funky grooves, which can be found in techno and housemusic, the man without whom hiphop would probably not exist, the "hardest working man in show business" always gave 200% of his energy into the music. even at the age of 73 he was about to perform two shows on one evening this new years eve in new york. a truly unique character in the whole world of music. he was doing it to death, full power, no stopping him. and even though he did not write most of the music he will be the king of soul & funk forever. and his musicians, mainly the jb's with fred wesley, maceo parker, bobby byrd, pee wee ellis, created a groove which is the basis for soul & funk today. their music transformed the original tribal african roots into heavy and sweaty funk grooves which never seem to end. and even their "bridges" inspired a whole new art of music, i.e. created by the new yorker female only band, esg. jb's way of moving , dancing , performing will stay in our heads forever and only in connection with his name. and as it is all about music here . . . and also political statements made through music - "say it loud i'm black and proud" changed a whole generation of afro americans and gave them part of their power against the struggle and racism which they had and still have to face in the usa - here is a selection of some of my favourite tunes instead of a preview 2007 soulpatrol box.
james brown died at the age of 73 last monday, 25th december 2006. the godfather of soul now in heaven.

soulsearching is back in 007 with a pure soulpatrol box into 2007.



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