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Playlist 23/12/06 - Jahtari Special

1. Bo Marley Bauhelm [Jahtari]
2. Disrupt Bauhelm Dub [Jahtari]
3. Disrupt Bomb 20 [Jahtari]
4. Disrupt THC 1138 [Jahtari]
5. Blue Vitriol Cryovolcano [Jahtari]
6. Blaze Dem Dubness Of This Creation [Jahtari]
7. Krystoff Holy Mount [Jahtari]
8. Disrupt Holy Mount Zion [Jahtari]
9. Disrupt Jah Red Gold And Green [Jahtari]
10. Jahtari Riddim Force Loose In Space [Jahtari]
11. Disrupt Tubby Rom Module [Jahtari]
12. Blue Vitriol Submethane [Jahtari]
13. Lingam Cutter Kickermorphose [Jahtari]
14. Noisebeyondsilence Sound Dimension [Jahtari]
15. Volfoniq Heroina Dub [Jahtari]

Jahtari Special with DJ Sätchmo

This episode is a special mix courtesy of DJ Sätchmo from Berlin mashing up the mighty 8-bit esque dub of the Leipzig based Jahtari label. This is the highest quality electronic roots reggae and dub with the original feel, spirit and character of JA sounds from the 80s and a smattering of late 70s. Real quality dubbing as well (something that's been missing on the scene for a long time). Check them on, and myself at


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