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Playlist 21/12/06

1. Amp Fiddler Hopefully (Transatlantic mix) [ Genuine]
2. Cro Magnon Kai - Ho [ Jazzy Sport]
3. The Ultimates Saturday Love [ Homegrown Records]
4. Surrounded By Idiots Big White Spaceship (RawReCutEdit) [ RawShots]
5. Jazzanova Boom Clicky Boom Klack (Mr Scruff vocal mix) [ Sonar Kollectiv]
6. Otta De Royas Choca Las Caderas (7 Samurai edit) [ Dejavu]
7. Escort Starlight (Darshan Jesrani Parks Dept. Dub) [ Escort Records]
8. Taylor McFerrin Broken Vibes [ Rude Movements]
9. Pharoah Roche Sun Of A Beach (London mix) [ Sonar Kollektiv]
10. Paul Simon Late (DJ Spun edit) [ Disco Editions]
11. Elektrons Sunshine Love [ Genuine]
12. The J Moss Project I Wanna Be [ Gospel001]
13. Sounds Good Ms. Brown [ Subcontract]
14. Soul Scientific Lazy Afternoon [ 4lux]
15. Afroheat #4 Fela vs Rayvon [ Afroheat]
16. Visioneers Funk Box ft Capitol A [ BBE]
17. Beatconductor Sumthin Betta [ GAMM]
18. Small Arms Fiya So Easy [ Caught Out there]
19. Simbad Soul Fever [ Raw Fusion]
20. Ayak and First Man Can We go Back [ Brownswood]

OK here we go, roll up roll up....

These are in reverse order as is the show... ya cannot count backwards from number 1 afterall!

Once again 2006 has proven to be a fantastic year for those that dig around, look and listen whilst trying not to drink from the mainstream. As usual we have lost some major contibuters and talents along the way, James Yancey, Ray Barretto, Syd Barrett and Ahmet Ertegun being the most prolific for me but the music keeps on playing and the influences grow stronger.

Saying that though, we have been treated to some stunning debuts this year, have you heard Taylor McFerrin yet' Amazing broken vibes made up of loose keys and scat beatboxing. Yes its Bobby McFerrins son and the talent is beating in their blood. And then Pete Simpson features on two of my favorite records this year with both The Elektrons and Small Arms Fiya. We've got some Gospel courtesy of The J Moss Project on a cheeky white label release and much more quality from those we expect to deliver.

Hope you all agree on the run down and point out all those that I have missed out!

All the best for 2007

Mat hoods


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