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Playlist 09/12/06 with matthius voegt

1. Stevie Nicks Rhiannon/Rehearsal Late Night Take [ White]
2. US 69 2069 A Spaced Odyssey [Buddah]
3. Dimlite Completions Snippet [ Test]
4. Doug Hammond Wake Up Brothers [ Tribe]
5. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Todd (In Memory Of) [ Hypnotic]
6. Grand Union Rain And Snow [ People Tree]
7. Jumbonics Red One [ Tru Thoughts]
8. Outlines Listen To The Drums/Clgnancourt Edit [ Sonarkollektiv]
9. Z Namyslowskiego Quartet Fair Lola [ JCR]
[re:jazz] MATTHIAS VOGT words & music
11. [re:jazz] People Hold On [ Infracom]
12. [re:jazz] Stewed [ Infracom]
13. [re:jazz] Too Many Holes feat. Ernesto [ Infracom]
14. [re:jazz] Return To Damara [ Infracom]
15. [re:jazz] Gabrielle feat. Alice Russell [ Infracom]
17. Dante & Dhula Pedro's Tactics [ IIWII Gallery White]
18. Omar S The Maker [ FXHE]
19. Ben Westbeech Bright Future [ Brownswood]
DRUMAGICK exclusive soulsearching mix 2006
21. Drumagick feat. Joseph Malik Flowing Free [ Vinyl Vibes]
22. Daniel Magg Yiy Imbizo/Drumagick Bootleg [ Compost]
23. Young AX Funkee Fresh [ Unreleased]
24. DJ Marky & XRS Instant Love [ Innerground]
25. Incognito Unknown/Bootleg [ Unreleased]
26. Logistics Everything Is Illuminated [ Hospital]
27. Drumagick So Far Away [ Unreleased]
28. Calibre Like It Is [ Innerground]
29. Alix Perez Dubrock [ Horizons ]
30. Redeyes Not Too Many More [ Vandal]
31. Drumagick A Night In Tunisia Remix [ Vinyl Vibes]
33. Hird Buddy [ White]

expansions with matthias vogt, head of [re:jazz] in the studio, words & music, plus the return of sao paolo's drumagick to soulsearching, muito obrigado! their storming version of art blakeys "night in tunisia" is out through vinyl vibes now! check it.

next show: a soulpatrol box plus a surprise mixtape by one of THE producers of the now. keep it locked.

enjoy the music,

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