With already more breakbeat tracks in the market place than any other producer, Aquasky intend to continue with their mission to rule the world, to bring fun to the dancefloor and a smile to your face. The story is entering it’s second chapter…

Playlist Aquasky

1. Aquasky untitled [Passenger]
2. Aquasky ft The Ragga Twins Everybody Hype [Passenger]
3. Jim Shimmer Space Races VIP [777]
4. Noisa Gutterpump [Passenger]
5. Aquasky , Crash Berlin ft Kool Kieth Moving the Hype Track [Passenger]
6. Aquasky & Drummatic Twins Bring it on Down (Aquasky VIP) [Passenger]
7. Hot Chip Over and Over Remix [Airways]
8. Backdraft Funk Rock [Passenger]
9. The Breakfastaz The Pressure(Aquasky Remix) [Passenger]
10. The Bomb The Boootyheads [Airport]
11. Phetsta 483 [Passenger]
12. Exceeker Booty [Raw Deal]
13. Aquasky ft The Ragga Twins Ready for This (Baobinga Mix) [Passenger]
14. Rico Tubbs Intoxicated [Passenger]
15. 4Kuba Dear Mate (Dopamine Mix) [CDR]
16. Tiga Move My Body (Boys Noise Mix) [CDR]
17. Klaus Hill Snake Doctor [Title Fight]
18. Freeflow 45 Low Contour [Ibreaks]
19. Kid Kinobe Drop The Bomb [CDR]

Aquasky have been around for a while now, notching up many releases on some of dance music’s most respected labels. The trio also known as Brent Newitt, Kieron Bailey and Dave Wallace started working on music together back in 1995 releasing their music via seminal drum and bass label Moving Shadow. This resulted in further releases on the Reinforced and R&S labels before they were snatched up by Polydor where they released their first album ‘Orange Dust’ in 1996 which featured Big Shug from the Gangstarr Foundation and the Scratch Perverts.

In 2005 and as a celebration of 10 years of production, Aquasky collaborated with some of breakbeats biggest names to create their 7th long player ‘Teamplayers’ on their own Passenger label, a huge project which saw the trio collaborate with some of the scenes biggest and baddest names such as FreQ Nasty, Kool Keith, Phil Hartnol from Orbital, DJ Icey, The Autobots and Elhornet of ozzie d&b band Pendulum to name but a few. The project was an outstanding success and was licensed to many countries across the globe and a DJ tour that lasted three months! It also assisted giving Aquasky and the Passenger label a fresh identity and vibe, moving away from the tougher, heavier sounds championed over the previous 5 years and incorporating a variety of influences from electro house to rock.

For more info please go to: www.aquasky.co.uk or www.myspace.com/aquaskyuk


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