A radio rendition of the freaky club show. Blending acid-electro-beats'n'bent-tech-housing treats. All here and all cocktail mixed.

Playlist 30/11/06

Big Hair - Big Hair Live Set Oct 05 - U-Freqs

U-Freq’s on Semi...all right! UK duo Big Hair (U-Freqs UK) make their Radio Semi debut with this “super-mixo-el’-twisto-carnivale”. It’s a spontaneous mental squeak-hop, wobbly house, blip-glitch, tech-electro, tom-foolery combo recorded live in Oct 05. Do not be afraid this “genre schmonre” approach has won the lads accolades the world over and seen their wax slot in the hot box for any discerning kook zone specialty tek-house DJ. Straight jacket up and get U-Freq’d out!


oskr said:
totally underrated.

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