Brian May aka DJ Delay continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world. Balkan Beats to space dub.

Playlist 27/11/06 - Invisible Sountracks #1

1. James Wilkinson Intro [Preservation]
2. Svarte Greiner Ocean Out Of Wood [Type]
3. Xela A Floating Procession [Type]
4. Xela Drunk On Salt Water [Type]
5. The North Sea & Ramses III Night Blossoms Written In Sanskrit [Type]
6. Matinée Orchestra It's A Fantasy World / Everyone Has The Right To Protest Even If No One Listens [Type]
7. Polmo Polpo Farewell To The Flyer [Barge]
8. Sickoakes Wedding Rings & Bullets In The Same Golden Shrine [Pt. 1] [Type]
9. Sickoakes Leonine [Type]
10. James Wilkinson Guria [Preservation]

ITG goes immersive! Invisible soundtracks - A collection of evocative soundtrack-with-no-movie tunes mainly from the Swedish Type label and local lad James Wilkinson's newie "Post". Definitely a show for low lights and a comfortable chair. But, don't turn the lights down too low as there are quite a few "unusual" sections ;) Big ups to Simon from Baked Goods for putting me onto these sounds!


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