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Playlist 17/11/06

1. Johnny Pate - Shaft in Africa (Addis) [ABC]
2. Jackie Mittoo - Groovy Spirit [Light in the Attic/Creative Vibes]
3. Haggis Horns - Traveller Part 2 [First Word]
4. Mombasa - Masai [Sonorama/Creative Vibes]
5. Jens Loden - Nothing [Ajabu]
6. Chateau Flight - Les Vampires (track 1) [Versatile]
7. Oddjob - Luma [Amigo]
8. Third Eye - Macedonia [Sonar Kollektiv/Creative Vibes]
9. Sfkuank - Attractive Vamp [Pony Canyon]
10. Gira Mundo feat Saigenji - Que Venga el Alba [New World]
11. Michael White - Serenade [Izniz]
12. Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger [White]
13. Grand Union - Wonderful World [People Tree]
14. Ghost feat Abstract Rude - Basic Instinct [Breakin Bread]
15. Jay-Z feat Beyonce - Hollywood [Roc-a-Fella/Universal]
16. Bulljun & El Barrio 2016 - El Barrio Blues [P-Vine]
17. Bronx River Parkway - (track from San Sebastian 152 album) [Candela]
18. Barna Soundmachine - Gonna Get You [Blind Test]
19. Jackson Five - Darling Dear [Motown/Universal]
20. Mic Little feat Ne-Yo - Put it in a Letter [Def Jam/Universal]
21. Joy Denalane feat Raekwon - Heaven or Hell (Samon Kawamura Remix) [Four]
22. Kenn Starr feat Median & M-Phazes - Back at it Again [Halftooth]
23. Q-Tip feat D'Angelo - I Believe (Children of the Swing rework) [Children of the Swing]
24. Shuya Okino feat Melissa Browne - Turn it Up (Sound produced by Afronaught) [Especial]

This week's album tips come in many forms (as is the Stylin way): Jazzanova's 'Homecooking' compilation/cookbook, Bronx River Parkway's raw latin soul 'San Sebastian 152', the reissue of Mombasa's 'African Rhythms & Blues' (self-explanatory) and from Japan, Bulljun & El Barrio 2016 will appeal to fans of AYB Force. Reach me at: myspace.com/enniostyles ::::: stylin@modalforces.com ::::: PO Box 1055, Fitzroy North VIC 3068, Australia.


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