A radio rendition of the freaky club show. Blending acid-electro-beats'n'bent-tech-housing treats. All here and all cocktail mixed.

Playlist 16/11/06

1. freq nasty punkadelic (krikor remix) [skint]
2. luciano bomberos [cadenza]
3. melchoir productions the later the evening... [perlon]
4. blake baxter sexuality (original 1988 mix) [incognito]
5. narcotic syntax komodo dragons (narcotic boost) [perlon]
6. wighnomy brothers pele bloss [freude am tanzen]
7. s-max anachy barbie [boogizm]
8. trans sexual swiss rebels the 7th otto 7th otto [horspiel musik]
9. kiko jack the box [gigolo]
10. mediengruppe telekommander kommanda (gebr. teichmann acid hop mix) [festplatten]
11. sylvie marks & hal 9000 my computer eats an acid trip (dexter remix) [bpitch control]
12. richard bartz ride the bullet [kurbel]
13. basteroid reaching betriebstemperatur [areal]
14. frank martiniq boost (misc remix) [boxer]
15. erik besier & frank lorber mizu a1 [nummer]
16. dj koze der jager von st. georg [speicher/kompakt]
17. robert babicz forsaken [punkt]
18. modeselektor turn deaf [bpitch control]

Every now and then you have to take it back, take it back to when roller-skates were cool (the first time round) and being gay simply meant you loved life. well d-JCB decided to churn out a classic mix of tunes from the past, a tasty collection of minimal treats, complete with horrified atmosphere's, beefy bottom end "kick in the face" funk, and glitched out tracks that may leave some old timers thinking their wireless is broken. so enjoy this mixed grill of minimal flavas from yester-year. werd


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