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Playlist 22/11/06 with Niko Schabel

1. Eberhard Weber Bali [ ECM]
2. 4Hero feat. Ursula Rucker Awakening [ Raw Canvas]
3. Heritage Orchestra Tell Me Stories [ Brownswood]
inspiration information guest mix by NIKO SCHABEL (aka Radio Citizen)
5. Gil Evans Las Vegas Tango [ Verve ]
6. Archie Shepp Mama Too Tight [ Impulse]
7. Young Holt Unlimited Soulful Strut [ Brunswick]
8. Poor People With Potential Plus Plus [ Schalldruck]
9. 23Skidoo Vegas El Bandito [ Soul Jazz]
10. Radio Citizen New York Beat [ CDR]
11. Mantronix King Of the Beats [ white ]
12. Grandmaster Flash The Message (Richie Rich Mix) [ Sugar Hill]
13. Radio Citizen Champion Sound (Electric Algebra Mix) [ CDR]
14. The Last Poets Get Movin' [ Celluloid]
15. Jimmy Spicer Dollar Bill Y'All [ Flashback ]
16. Massive Attack KarmaComa (Unkle Situation) [ Circa Records]
17. Grace Jones Night Clubbing [ Island]
18. Timmy Thomas In The Beginning [ Polydor]
19. Curtis Mayfield Can't Say Nothing [ Curtom]
20. Dawson Smith I Don't Know If I Can Make It [ Scepter]
21. Jackson Sisters I Believe In Miracles [ Mums Music]
22. Ronnie Keatin Going Down For The First Time [ TRS]
23. Sly And The Family Stone Thank You For Talking To Me [ Epic]
24. Radio Citizen feat. Bajka Everything [ Ubiquity]
25. Capitol A Doing It Up [ 2000 Black]
26. Dimlite The Kids Will Understand [ www.dimlite.ch]
27. Joash Montreal [ BeyondJazz Vol.3]

This week we have special guest NIKO SCHABEL aka RADIO CITIZEN in the show.
Check out his album "Berlin Serengeti" on Ubiquity.
Next week we have Henrik Schwarz in the show
check www.offtrack.org for a special 1hour Saturday Night Warm up with Zukie173 (A Few Among Others) and
Constantin Groll (Global House Connection)


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