The Cosmic Space Disco Mix is a blend of disco and funk played in Adriatric Coast discos of the 70's.

Playlist DJ Mooner

1. Expanding Head Band Tontmotion
2. Cluster Rote Tiki [/]
3. Harmonia Notre Dame
4. Love International Dance on the Groove and do the Funk
5. Cat Crash (Mooner Edit)
6. CLive Stevens and Brainchild Mystery Man
7. Chris and Cosey This is Me (Beppe Loda Edit)
8. Section 25 Looking from a Hilltop
9. Queen Samantha Take a Chance
10. Meko Ewok Dance
11. Bumblebee Unlimited Lady Bug
12. Theme from Doctor Who
13. Herb Alpert Beyond
14. Claudia Barry Love for the Sake of Love
15. Eloy Horizons (Beppe Loda Edit)
16. Isabel Antena To Climb The Cliff


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