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Playlist 14/11/06

1. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Jupiter [Hypnotic 10"]
2. Rahsaan Roland Kirk Ain't No Sunshine [Atlantic]
3. Philip Cohran & Artistic Heritage Ensemble The Minstrel [Aestuarium]
4. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble Randolph St. Swing [Hypnotic Test]
5. Count Ossie & Mystic Revelation of Rastafari Let Freedom Reign [Dynamic]
6. Marcina Arnold Forefathers [Counterpoint]
WORDS & MUSIC//w/KOOP//Interview w/Magnus Zingmark
8. Koop Koop Island Blues [Compost]
9. Latin Jazz Ensemble Rip A Dip [New Jazz]
10. Koop Drum Rythm A/C. Prommer Drum Lesson A Remix [Compost Test]
11. Koop Whenever There Is You [Compost]
13. Billie Holiday Strange Fruit [Verve]
14. Cos Populi [White]
15. Joao Bosco Nessa Data [Unknown]
16. Amalgam Why Wait [Unknown]
17. Mark Murphy Alone Together [White]
18. Koop Beyond The Son [Compost]
19. Koop A Different You [Compost]
21. Flora Purim From The Lonely Afternoon [Warner Bros.]
23. Jerzy Milian Wsrod Pampasow [JCR/Polish Jazz]
24. Joe Haider No Way [Sonarkollektiv/Focus Jazz]
25. Milcho Leview Blues 10 [SK/Focus Jazz]
26. Hans Koller Mingus Privat [JCR/Forum West]
27. Peter Korinek Down Town [SK/Focus Jazz]
28. Joe Haider Septet Straight Out [SK/Forum West]
29. Hans Posegga Shangri La 1 [SK/Focus Jazz]
30. Toby Fichelscher & G?nter Wilk On Chano's Track [JCR/Formation 60 East-West]
31. Third Eye Macedonia [Sonarkollektiv/HomeCookin]
33. Charles Earland Murilley [Muse]

hypnotic...hypnotic...HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE out of chicago ... go and see them live! a name i have not heard before and then they played several gigs here in frankfurt, i got all their independent releases on vinyl & cd and here you go with 3 tunes in this weeks show.

All about jazz this week with a phoner interview live & direct out of stockholm by magnus zingmark of KOOP fame, shortly after his badminton training we were talking about the KOOP islands, Yukimi Nagano & Rob G as well as our now bit of legendary gig a 2 years ago here in frankfurt..and thats where they will play live for the first time this tuesday,soulsearching presents, read details below please.

And last but definately not least, a killer jazz mix by jazzanova's juergen v. knoblauch representing all their fantastic and essential jazz compilations on sonarkollektiv, most recent one is called "focus jazz - the wewerka archive" - check it, shouts also to stephan steigleder in berlin...!

next week i do look forward to a special guest whos been on the list now for a long time: ATJAZZ. soulsearching mixtape.

enjoy the music,


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