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Playlist 13/11/06

1. John Zorn and Yamataka Eye - Pulp Wars [Nani Nani / Tzadik]
2. Mochipet - Polkaelecdeathcountry [Randbient Works / Daly City Records]
3. Otto Von Schirach - Earjuice (Mochipet Remix) [Armpit Buffet / Schematic]
4. John Zorn - Honey-Cab [Locus Solus / Tzadik]
5. Zen Paradox* - Re-Entry [Numinosum / Electronic Emotional Music]
6. Impset - Quintoline 2 [Download]
7. Once11 - When The Dance Is The Game, The Food Crisis Came [Smile Hunter / TheAgriculture]
8. John Zorn - The Slaves of Vesuvius [Locus Solus / Tzadik]
9. Once11 - Blind Mice [Smile Hunter / TheAgriculture]
10. Qpe - Summer Mourn [Boolean Logic / TheAgriculture]
11. Selwa* - Dream With Me [Download]
12. Steve Law - Loneliness [Fragile Environments / Unreleased*]

This weeks show Bruit De Fond has been prepared by Yun Mei. Thanks to Mochipet of Daly City Records for sending some of his Polka-elec-death-country craziness this way, also included is a Mochipet remix of a Otto Von Schirach track called Earjuice. Featured in the mix are a couple of tracks from Australian electronic music pioneer Steve Law. Steve is the creator of renowned live techno act, Zen Paradox, that came into existence back in 1992. The track Re-entry is from the latest Zen Paradox album called Numinosum (Electronic Emotional Music). Included also are two tracks by Once11, When The Dance Is The Game, The Food Crisis Came and Blind Mice, from the album Smile Hunter, yet another sensational release by The Agriculture records earlier this year...thanks Agri for the CD. From France we have a cool track by Impset called Quintoline 2, available for download from www.myspace.com/impset. Also, a heavenly downtempo track from Melbourne-based producer Selwa called Dream With Me, available for download from www.myspace.com/selwasound. Concluding this weeks radio mix is Loneliness, a track from the yet-to-be release album Fragile Environments by Steve Law featuring Ai Yamamoto on additional laptop. Enjoy!!


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