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Playlist 16/10/06

1. DATacide - Flowerhead [Flowerhead/Asphodel]
2. Woob - Creek [Woob²/Em:t]
3. Badawi - Horse Dance [Soldier of Midian/ROIR]
4. Raz Mesinai - In The Penal Colony, Part 1 [Before The Law/Tzadik]
5. Ikue Mori - Loops [Hex Kitchen/Tzadik]
6. Ember - Millionnaire [Minimalicious/Italo Business]
7. Yamataka Eye/John Zorn - Test Tube [Nani Nani/Tzadik]
8. We™ - Uabmirib [The Square Root of Negative One/Asphodel]
9. Menagerie - Improvisacao 95 [Menagerie/Al Revés]
10. DJ Wally - Land Of The Dead [Mrs Millers House/theAgriculture]
11. Death Ambient - Sowing Death [Death Ambient/Tzadik]
12. Ellen Allien & Apparat - Edison [Orchestra Of Bubbles/BPitch Control]
13. Loscil - Steam [Plume/Kranky]
14. DJ Olive - Turn In [Sleep/Room40]

This weeks show called Sound Canvas has been prepared by Yun Mei. This collection of music conjures up whole scenes in my mind, painting a crazy sound canvas. Favorites include a number of releases from John Zorn's record label Tzadik such as Before The Law by Badawi; Hex Kitchen by Ikue Mori; Death Ambient by Death Ambient (Kato Hideki / Ikue Mori / Fred Frith); and in particular Nani Nani by John Zorn & Yamataka Eye. Contained in the mix are three new releases. Millionnaire, a fun minimal techno track by Belgian producer Ember from his Minimalicious EP. All tracks on this release are licensed under Creative Commons and are available for download from netlabel Italo Business www.italobusiness.com Improvisacao 95 by Menagerie is a track from their self-titled album. The whole album is available for download from the Al Revés site www.alreves.org Al Revés is a musical project for independent artists, creating new perceptions on what is understood as music. All releases on this site are licensed under Creative Commons. Also, a spooky hip hop track, Land Of The Dead by DJ Wally, from his latest release Mrs Millers House out now on theAgriculture. theAgriculture also have a special halloween treat, Mrs Millers Mix by DJ Wally & DJ Willie Ross, available for download from their website http://www.theagriculture.com This weeks show is dedicated to the memory of Ama Teo (RIP)...xxx


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