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Playlist 06/10/06

1. Drummatic Stitch [ Plop]
2. Safety Scissors Mr. Blisters Is Connected To My Finger [ Avex Trax]
3. The Soft Pink Truth Everybody's Soft [ Soundslike]
4. Jay Haze Get Your Lovin' On - Love For A Strange World [ Kitty Yo]
5. Modeselektor Polytoxiconman - Gemeinsam [ Bpitch Control]
6. Japanese Telecom Virtual Origami 2 - Virtual Geisha [ International Deejay Gigolo]
7. Ellen Allien Open - Berlinette [ Bpitch Control]
8. T. Raumschmiere Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Strom - Radio Blackout [ Mute]
9. Model 500 Electric Entourage - Classics [ R&S]
10. Mr Velcro Fastener I Hear You Anthony Shake Shakir - Otherside Part One [ Statra ]
11. Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys Fit Black Man - Idol Tryouts Two / Ghostly International Vol. 2 [ Ghostly International]

Sydney-based artist and sound explorer Sofie Loizou has prepared this weeks show, beautifully named Plant Systematics. The theme Sofie has chosen for the show is 'Floral Formulas'. "It is pretty amazing to think that the beauty of a flower can be summed up by a mathematical formula", Sofie comments on her website, "The music that follows is inspired by that formula." This show is one of a series of podcasts that Sofie has compiled, as part of her experimentation with plant life and the influence music has on their growth and development. Her weekly podcast show is called "Premonitions by Plants" and is a blend of electrical pulses that her plants have been listening to over a given week. The Premonitions by Plants Podcast show is also part of a research project into the invisible connections between plants, music and humans, called "The Soul of Plants." To read more about this project and other projects by Sofie Loizou visit and subscribe to www.sofieloizou.com


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