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Playlist 27/09/06

1. Janet Lawson Sunday Afternoon [Ether]
2. Aaron Jerome In These Times [Test]
3. Koop I See A Different You/Innocent Sorcerers Remix [Test]
4. Novika Finally/Innocent Sorcerers Remix [Beats Friendly]
5. My My Secret Life Of Pants [Playhouse]
6. Emily King Walk In My Shoes [White Label]
7. Mocky In The Meantime feat. Jamie Lidell [Four Music]
8. Jamie Lidell Whats The Use [Warp]
9. Marlena Shaw Look At Me Look At You [CBS]
NICKY SIANO's exclusive soulsearching show
11. The Stovall Sisters Hang on In There [Warner Bros.]
12. Bonnie Bramlett Crazy Bout My Baby [Columbia]
13. B.T. Express Energy to Burn [Columbia]
14. Jerry Butler and Brenda Lee Eager Ever Since I Can Remember [Mercury]
15. Jerry Butler Get On The Case [Mercury]
16. Zulema Giving Up [Sussex]
17. Martha Velez Aggravation [Columbia]
18. Etta James All the Way Down [Chess]
19. Christain Alvarez fea. Dre Feel the Groove [Defecto]
21. Rodney Franklin The Groove [Columbia]
22. Tommy Stewart Bump & Hustle Music [Abraxas]
23. Roy Ayers One Sweet Love To Remember [Polydor]
24. Tita Lima A Conta Do Samba [Brownswood Bubblers]
25. The Superimposers Superimposter [Little League]
26. Drumagick Night In Tunisia [Vinyl Vibes Test]

its been a fantastic 2 weeks re. music....first djing at the brilliant gigs of jamie lidell/gonzales/mocky in berlin for 2 days, then the last LAZY. session in 2006 (and its definately been one of the best with stee downes & friends live on stage, perfect setting for the night and mindblowing super extened fireworks at 3.30am with curtis mayfields "move on up" . . . thanks to everybody who made it that special . we will be back in 2007!), back to the third round of jamie lidell & co, this time his last european tourdate in frankfurt - maybe the best of all shows - for sure the best audience, yelling, screamin for a little bit more for over 20 minutes after the lights went on - next time you need to come back around on stage again, jamie!) . . . so a couple of days later this show with a kinda rollercoaster ride out of miy box ( i promise to be better prepared next week...) and part 2 of the new legends series of mixshows: nicky siano out of new york with a very special selection and a bit of infos about way back when and the near future. a new party called "galleria" kicking off in london at the key october 20th and in new york @ cielo october 29th. more infos you'll find here: www.nickysiano.com - big thanks for the show!
and finally last saturday its been the return of COSMIC FUNK here at hafen2 - very cool kick off for the winter season, playin tunes from boogie and disco heaven to detroit techno for a very nice crowd. thanks everyone for comin by, we are back november 25th then. same place, same soundsystem, fresh box of delicious grooves. and a celebration of 9 years soulpatrol soulsearching radioshow!
nuff said now, next show will have dave da gato mixing styles up for zero db. plus a bit of koop . . . and more.

enjoy the music,


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