Where elements of classic jazz, funk, soul, hiphop, dub, rock steady rhythms, latin, afro-beat and brazilian grooves connect with tomorrows sound.

Playlist 20/09/06

1. Underdog Edits 8 As If You Read My Mind [White.*]
2. Otto De Royas Choca La Caderas(7 Samurai Re-Edit) [ Déjà Vu.*]
3. Jimi Tenor Meets Kabu Kabu Sunrise [Sahko.*]
4. Quasimode Giant Black Shadow (Oneself—LIKENESS album) [Inpartmaint.*]
5. Why Wait Amalgam (Amalgam EP) [Déjà Vu.*]
6. Clara Hill Nowhere (I Can Go) (All I Can Provide album) [Sonar Kollektiv.*]
7. J.Rawls Presents Liquid Crystal Project A Tribute To Dilla [Turntable Jazz.*]
8. Karma Feat. Jerome Stokes All You Ever Wanted [Compost.*]
9. Alice Russell Hurry On Now (Boub Remix) [Tru Thoughts.*]
10. The Drastics Mama Africa (Very Fine / Real Fine sampler) [Jump Up.*]
11. NiceUp! Mana’s Multiply [NiceUp!*]
12. Otto De Royas Al Ritmo Del Bump-Bump (Dubben Re-Edit) [Déjà Vu.*]

Well, it's good to be back. For this Heavy Mannas selection I offer up some recent goodies and forthcomin' things. From Underdog / Stevie right thru to the outro of Otto De Royas I am sure you will find something in there that tickles yer fancy ;-) We got some Soul/Funk/Disco (Stevie/Otto De Royas), Jazz (Quasimode/Why Wait), Downbeat (Clara Hill/J.Rawls/Karma), Reggae(Alice Russell/The Drastics/Nice Up!) - all the right elements. So sit back and hold tight for Heavy Mannas.

Feel free to reach if you'd like to: paulgamblin@westnet.com.au or http://www.myspace.com/heavymannas



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