Into The Groovy migrates to Straightup after 12 years on Melbourne's PBSFM (1990-2002)! Brian continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world.

Playlist 18/09/06 - Jump Up & Raggajungle

1. burning spear jah no dead [pressure sounds]
2. congo natty blessed
3. congo natty champion dj
4. rebel mc street tuff [polygram]
5. congo natty original ses
6. john holt police in helicopter [volcano]
7. congo natty original ses
8. reggie stepper drum pan sound [unfold]
9. congo natty lion jungle
10. congo natty rastaman
11. congo natty sister lydia
12. omni trio + cutty ranks limb by limb [white]
13. shy fx babylon [ebony]
14. shy fx + uk apache original nutter [ultrasound]
15. sister nancy transport connection [soul jazz]
16. general malice anything, ah anything [big cat records]
17. general malice slam! [big cat records]
18. wayne lonesome + kid 606 buckle up [shockout]
19. unitone hifi babylon [incoming!]

Rough but sweet - jump up & ragga jungle! get out ya lighter for a thorough rinse out. some of the originals sampled are dropped in as well for your listening pleasure. rebel mc? what the....? as junglists know - the rebel mc switched from hip house to rastafarian ragga jungle a while back. the result is a swag of great music, mostly with a heavy roots reggae influence. "lick shot means rewind gunshot means forward...."!


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