Into The Groovy migrates to Straightup after 12 years on Melbourne's PBSFM (1990-2002)! Brian continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world.

Playlist 22/08/06 - Breaks of all flavours

1. stereotyp & tikiman jahman [g-stone]
2. rennie pilgrem soundbwoy kingpin [tcr]
3. rennie pilgrem a place called acid [tcr]
4. ursula 1000 mambo 1000 [18th street]
5. tino's breaks ritmo latino [tino corp]
6. the experiment what the funk is for [hydrogen dukebox]
7. the experiment point blank [hydroogen dukebox]
8. g104 bad dinner [pharma]
9. si begg technology [novamute]
10. si begg body [novamute]
11. buckfunk 3000 2 much booty [bowwow]
12. si begg bus [novamute]
13. krs one vs freq nasty sound of da police [jive electro]
14. dub-c dessert of the real [sub funk]
15. t-power fuzzy logic [botchit & scarper]
16. plump djs the push [finger lickin']
17. watershell automotive [interchill]
18. phon.o trick or treat [shitkatapult]

This episode started off in my head as a kind of breaks orientated house party type mix. Not being a huge fan of genrewise limitations, it mutated into something slightly different but well and truly bouncy. Best consumed loud with alcohol or something similar...


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