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Playlist 19/08/06

1. Anga Miguel Diaz A Love Supreme [World Circuit]
2. Stereotyp Satisfied [G-Stone]
3. Omar Faruk Tekbilek Shashkin/Hefner Remix [Inertia]
4. Pharell Keep It Playa feat. Slim Thug [Virgin]
5. Roy Davis Jr. & Peven Everett Innervision [Swanky]
6. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos Circus Bells-Technucada Mix [Black Label Test]
7. Sabrina Malheiros Cade Voce/Max Cole & Beatnik Remix [Far Out White]
8. Pnu Riff Bula [Compost Partykeller 2 White]
10. Black Nasty I Have No Choice [Sundae Soul]
11. JayDee So Far To Go Instrumental [BBE]
12. Round Robin Monopoly People Do Change [Sundae Soul]
14. Unknown Sundae Theme [White]
15. George Clinton Four Tops Interlude [White]
16. Four Tops Love Makes You Human [ABC/Dunhill]
17. Brief Encounter Human [Sound Plus]
18. Mandrill Too Late [Arista]
19. Ian Martin Movin' On [Expansion ]
20. Drizabone Pressure [4th & Broadway ]
21. Donald McCollum U Don't Want My Love [D?me/Sundae Soul]
22. Ultra Nat? New Kind Of Medicine [Strictly Rhythm]
23. V. Montana Jr. & The Philly Sound Orch. That's What Love Does (L.Benedetti's Club Vox) [Philly Sound]
24. Ron Hall&The Muthafunkas The Way You Love Me (Part 1)/Dim's T.S.O.P. Version [Defected]
25. Bobby Thurston Very Last Drop [Prelude]
26. Marvin Gaye Turn On Some Music/Accapella [LTD08]
28. T.S.O.P. Love Is The Message/Mr. K Edit [T.D.Records]
29. Miquifaye & Cafe Soul Allstars feat. Mariana Rangel Body Drums [You Ent. White]

one week later . . . after returning from a very nice trip to bangkok, dubai and bahrain i need to send shout outs and thanks to jorge (met bar bangkok) o. & nikki, mike ross (9714.com dubai) , shahi & all the crew in dubai and karim, arun, paul & the whole likwid crew in bahrain. hope to be back soon, maybe when its a bit cooler than 45 degrees ;-) check out the met bar in bangkok, 9714.com parties in dubai, fivegreen.com for best clothing and exhibitions, likwid.net in bahrain for the real deep house&techno crowd on a thursday night. . . and if you are ever on that bahrain island you need to see the tree of life!

show 465 this week comes with a very mixed selections out of the tons of music i've got sent in - keepin it a bit on the down low for the first half with a tribute to the late miguel anga diaz who sadly passed away last week - a love supreme - for you in heaven, r.i.p., brandnew heavy soulstuff by the stereotyp on g-stone, a dedication to all in bkk, dxb and bah with omar faruk tekbilek's shashkin in a hefner remix mode, max cole doin the remix for sabrina malheiros, new compost black label techno batucada business, a pick of florian keller's new compilation from back in the days, sounding even fresher today, pnu riff's bula and a heavy dose of soulmusic : words & music with weller introducing the new label sundae soul recordings which is up to now all about re-releasing those true soul gems on 7inches. . . a big mix by the man afterwards with loads of anthems in there and to finish it all of, music by the cafe soul allstars out of new york. thanks to weller for the mix and the visit in the soulsearching studio.
back next week with a pure soulpatrol box and then in 2 weeks time, dr. bob jones in the mix!
keep it locked.
enjoy the music,


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