I'm just trying to keep it soulful, as always, so there's a bit of everything in there.

Playlist Ishfaq

1. Roy Ayers Life is just a moment
2. DJ Mitsu The Beats Hope
3. O.Boogie Spacebirds
4. Platinum Pied Pipers I got you
5. Slum Village Selfish (Zo remix)
6. Michael Jackson I can't help it
7. Klement Julienne Possoz boogie
8. Tower of Power Mahdi
9. George Benson The world is a ghetto
10. Ty Dreams
11. Busta Rhymes Turn me up
12. Mos Def Umi Says
13. Modern Groove Assembly Our time to shine (Ayro remix)
14. Domu Like This
15. One Blood Be thankful
16. Bill Withers Can we pretend

A couple of my all time favourites, 'Mahdi' and 'The world is a ghetto' - some seeeeeeerious playing on those two...

Some great new stuff as well - a wicked tune from my boy O.boogie in Amsterdam, and a little something from the man they call Domu.

Also threw in a couple of things I found through myspace - the Slum Village rerub, and the Ayro mix of 'Our time to shine', both of which are better than the originals, if you ask me...


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