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Playlist 9/08/06

1. Unitone Hifi Lucky Strike [Rockers Remix] [ Silicon.Summer.2006 ]
2. We Our/For/Now [Home Entertainment/Liquid Sky]
3. We Rain/In/Spain [ Home Entertainment/Liquid Sky ]
4. Augustus Pablo & Dub Syndicate Pressurized [ On-U Sound ]
5. Combat Wombat Qwest [ Elefant Traks*]
6. Sanskara Dub Reflections [ Merging Records ]
7. Jerry Mane Swalla Dat feat. Safira [ LRRecords*]
8. We Magnesium Flares [Asphodel]
9. Cornelius Mic Check [ Matador ]
10. Nnnj Überamkin [ TheAgriculture]

This week airs a selection of tunes hand picked by Jen and the Little Rascal. Tunes that make you feel it from the heart, songs that say soul, tunes that rock your boat, light and dark, heavy and soft, beats, mics, ambience and dub styles brought to you by two of the biggest 'little rascals'.
* denotes Aus/NZ release


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