A radio rendition of the freaky club show. Blending acid-electro-beats’n’bent-tech-housing treats.

Playlist 9/08/06

1. Bodzin & Huntemann Oh yeah [Yello ]
2. Kraftykuts & Tim Deluxe Bass Phenomenon [Emi ]
3. E Schubert Elmar & the Dead seal (Suck that Remix) [Coma]
4. Eyerer & Chopstick Electric (Diringer Remix) [Gsr]
5. Damon Jee & Olivier Giaccomoto Jamon y Queso [ Electrochoo ]
6. Greg Kobe & San Paolo Sharp [Trancentral]
7. Luke Dzierzek Echo (John Dahlback Remix) [Silver Planet]
8. John Acquaviva & Ramon Zenker It wasn’t me [Blue Fin]
9. The Cooky Factory Flesh [White label ]
10. Jono Fernandez Rising Up [Lot49]
11. Titan Franke & Neumann Criss source remix [Craft music]
12. Santucci feat. Plock Treu (Ernst der Lage Mix) [Opaque]
13. Dzierzek & Liousias Present Fling Randoms [Silver Planet]

Mo Ichi & Miyagi

Having played together on a monthly basis at “Pitch Bitch”, Loop Bar Melbourne over the last two years, Mo Ichi and Miyagi have reached an understanding on the journey in which they can take a dance floor. This is the first recording of them playing together and we thought it would be well suited for this week’s Semi session (cause it’s so chunky you can carve it)…


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