Into The Groovy migrates to Straightup after 12 years on Melbourne's PBSFM (1990-2002)! Brian continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world.

Playlist 09/08/06 - Raggabreaks, Dubcore, Wreckstep

1. seeaga face dj c [shockout]
2. animal attraction dj c feat zulu [community library]
3. senator dj c feat zulu [deathsucker]
4. rastabomba timeblind [ orthlong]
5. my mosque is your cathedral modeselektor [dalbin]
6. tits of our origin (black barbie remix) modeselektor [dalbin]
7. crazy baldheads dj c [mashit]
8. weed wi di macka modeselektor [?]
9. fuck you george bush dj sux [mashit]
10. who wa seek yo lxc [mashit]
11. billy jungle dj c / shinehead [mashit]
12. conscience a hang dem dj c / aaron spectre / capleton [mashit]
13. fi you murderbot [mashit]
14. it dat wayne and wax [mashit]

This episode is a mix of ....raggabreaks dubcore speedbeats genreblends wreckstep soundclashes mashups basshits & boomsounds, featuring the talents of the mashit, shockout {and more} labels plus a smattering of our teutonic faves - modeselektor..................


Sam B said:
No comments?!
I found you through the NZ Balkan connection.
This is awesome though!
Dj Delay said:
DJ Delay homepage !

As far as I know, I am not a robot.

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