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Playlist 3/08/06

1. Nery Bauer BoiteArpege [ Test - N/A]
2. Miles Davis All Blues [ Columbia - XSM47327]
3. Choklate Heavy [ Kajmere - KAJ020]
4. The Liquid Crystal Project Still Taking It Ez [ Polar - POLAR005-2]
5. Karma Are We/Tony Nwachuku Mix [ Compost Test - CPT-218-1]
6. Sistars My Music/Innocent Sorcerers Chocolate Moose Mix [ Test - N/A]
7. Paul McInnes And T.B.O.I. What You Do [ Mukatsuku Records - MUKAT001PROMO]
8. Marsmobil Magnetizing [ G-Stone/Compost - CPT-221-1]
9. The Heritage Orchestra Sky Breaks [ Brownswood Recordings - BW002PROMO]
10. Positive Flow Red Light Emergency [ Native Source - NSRL002]
11. A Hundred Birds Blackwater [ Wave - WM50161-1]
12. Krust Belief System [ Full Cycle - FCYLP16]
13. Hajime Yoshizawa Waltz For Jason/2 Banks Of 4 Remix [ Geneon - GNCL1065]
14. The Mystic Moods Cosmic Sea [ Warner Brothers - WB16607]
16. The Radio Citizen Live Set The Creator Has A Masterplan [ White - N/A]
17. Sun Ra Enlightment [ N/A - N/A]
18. Express Brass Band feat. Last Poets We Have Come Share Our Love [ White - N/A]
19. L'ensemble Amaro De Souza Capoeira Na Vila [ Arion - ARN33198]
20. The Radio Citizen Live Set Night I [ White - N/A]
21. Radio Citizen Night II [ Ubiquity - ]
22. The Clarke-Boland Big Band Un Graso De Areia/Herbert Remix [ MPS/Universal - N/A]
24. Tony Allen Moyage/Mark's Disco Dub [ Honest Jons - HJP32]

back from a little family holiday and straight into the music - just a few hours and i am above the clouds heading towards bangkok, dubai & bahrain for a few soulsearching sessions...so much music to grab out for you in the postbox, so here you go with a more quiet selection in the first part of the show - excellent music by nery bauer as yet unreleased, choklate from her stunning debut on kajmere sound, j rawls with the liquid crystal project dippin into live jazz and hip hop, another innocent sorcerers remix for the sistars, very cool paul mcinnes on nik nippon's brandnew 7inch label, the heritage orchestra - phew....simply beautiful - marsmobil with a slight hippie psycedelic touch, always welcome., at last positive flow - a tune that i wanted to play for you since almost 2 months, big big jazz tune by krust from his new album, the genius of 2 banks of 4 remixing or better: replaying the waltz for jason in a strong doug & jean carne meeting powerful freejazz techy beats kinda way, replay for the nwachuku mix of karma's "are we" (remember , i don't do replays that often...) and........after having finally read the autobiography of miles davis - i could not hold back one of my fave tunes by the master from his epic kind of blue album - cannonball, trane, bill evans, paul chambers...miles...all on one record, a take 1 session !
and if thats not enough - i am very glad to have niko schabel with his cool jazz mix in the show . . . check out his album on ubiquity records with his project radio citizen featuring bajka...thanks very very much for these livetakes in the mix, niko. all the best for you and the crew. keep the jazz in there...alright, enuff words, time for the next show, soulpatrol box meeting dj kon, one half of kon & amir, the real kings of diggin....peace.


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