A radio rendition of the freaky club show. Blending acid-electro-beats’n’bent-tech-housing treats.

Playlist 26/07/06

1. Jammin’Unit Totally Unintelligent [ Rising ]
2. DJ Me DJ You Familiar Unfamiliar [ Emperor Norton Records]
3. Indian Ropeman 66 Metres [ Skint]
4. Faceball 2000 Zapothesque [ Versatile]
5. Isolee It’s About [ Freundinnen]
6. Lenny Logan Sting #4 (Drat) [ Noodles]
7. Si Begg Clinton Fever [ Noodles]
8. Cabbage Head Euro Nutter [ Noodles]
9. Dan Golbory Harmony [ Sponge]
10. Trentemoller The Forest [ Out Of Orbit]
11. Freddy Fresh Ft Zygmunt Janowski Floyd Ian Slip [ Noodles ]
12. Lenny Logan Sting #4 (FactsGainImpotence) [ Noodles ]
13. Wighnomy Bros & Robag Wruhme Endless 01 [ Musik Krause]
14. Lenny Logan Sting #1 (Subway Family) [ Noodles]
15. Aphex Twin Window Licker (Acid Edit) [ Aphex Twin]
16. Mr Oizo Monday Massacre [ F Comm]
17. Les Adams & His Fabulous Hawaiians In A Little Hula Heaven [ Astor]

Slackers Inc on Radio Semi? It seems in these crazy times, society has become so goal oriented that the true thinkers have been forced into the shadows. Why toil? Why strive? Slack is back, it’s the new black for all you loose characters, you lovers of remiss rhythms and generally inattentive behaviour. Join slacker Semi-Retirees, DJ Max Grill and The Golden Camel (aka Heath Myers) for some serious back-slack’n’crack-wax-on wax-off no-toff goofy beats for the laneway lingerer and couchside contenders. Underachievers only!


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