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Playlist 25/07/06

1. WE If/They/See [ Liquid Sky Music]
2. Cornelius Magoo Opening [ Matador]
3. Angelo Badalamenti Dub Driving [ Interscope Rec.]
4. Nnnj Goop-Scoop [ TheAgriculture]
5. John Zorn Music For Weiden and Kennedy [ Evva]
6. Plaid Ralome [ Warp]
7. Qpe Devil May Care [ TheAgriculture]
8. Derek Bailey Re-re-re (up-mix) [ Avant]
9. Gry with FM Einheit and his orchestra Rocket [Indigo]
10. Lunchbox Swordfish [ TheAgriculture°]
11. Moreno Veloso+2 Enquanto Isso. ATOMtm midisport remix [ YWA music]
12. Arto Lindsay Illuminated [ Righteous Babe Records]
13. Seelenluft Silvercity [Klein Records]
14. Mouse On Mars Wald F.X. [ Sonig]
15. Koch, Schütz, Studer feat. DJ M.Singe & DJ I Sound [ Intakt]
16. Kit Clayton Reins [ ~scape]
17. Arto Lindsay Trio Absurd Children [ Knitting Factory Works]
18. Kaada Care [ Ipecac]
19. Sudden Infant Ne Me Quitte Pas [ Sssm-record]

Swiss sound artist Martin Baumgartner has prepared a special show for Plum Jam tonight. You will be hearing a selection of tunes from some of his favourite artists including a track by Martin himself as Nnnj. Martin is in Cairns for the On Edge Festival and will be performing at Lo-Fi this weekend ~Yun Mei


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