Where elements of classic jazz, funk, soul, hiphop, dub, rock steady rhythms, latin, afro-beat and brazilian grooves connect with tomorrows sound.

Playlist 26/07/06

1. Idea6 metropolis(Panoptikum Remix) [ Deja Vu. ]
2. Quasimode Ipe Armarelo [ Inpartmaint. ]
3. Zero dB Be Guiero [white.]
4. Grupo Batuque Batacuda Maneira (Ennio Styles Remix) [Far Out. ]
5. Shantel Bucovina (Felix B Booty Mix) [Jaxx. ]
6. Danny Hybrid & The NuFunk All-Stars Green Groove [Nu Funk. ]
7. Fat Freddys Drop Cays Cray (One Self Remix) [ Drop-Kartel.]
8. George Clinton U Ain't Runnin' Shit (Grant Phabao Remix) [T.I.M.E.C cd-r.]
9. Pablove Black High Locks [Soul Jazz-Studio One. ]
10. Kabanjak Gypsy Soul [Switchstance.]
11. Hydrophonic Sound System Disco Illumination [Bastard Jazz.]

We gotta mixed bag for this show, opening with some nice Jazz-ish things from Idea6 and a new drop from Quasimode’s debut album “Oneself - LIKENESS (Japan only release). Zero dB hold it down with their new 12” and the Jaxx family pick up on the “World” vibe with their “Balkan Bangers EP”. Fat Freddys Drop release a wicked little 45 and Grant Phabao does the do with George Clinton – one of the BIGGER things round at the moment as we wind it down. Please enjoy this Heavy Mannas selection and as always feel free to reach; paulgamblin@westnet.com.au or http://www.myspace.com/heavymannas PEACE.



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