A radio rendition of the freaky club show. Blending acid-electro-beats’n’bent-tech-housing treats.

Playlist 12/07/06

1. I-F Space Invaders are Smoking Grass [Viewlex]
2. TIGA & ZYNTHERUS Sunglasses at Night [Gigolo]
3. MISS KITTEN & THE HACKER Sweet Dreams [Gigolo]
4. SOUL OF MAN Dirty Waltzer [Kingsize]
5. TOK TOK VS SOFFY O Missy Queen's Gonna Die [B Pitch Control]
6. DIFFERENT GEAR VS SIA Drink to get Drunk [Strictly Ryhthm]
7. MEAT KATIE My Little Dancing Girl [Kingsize]
8. BUSHWACKA Billie Jean [White Label]
9. THE PLASTIC AVENGERS Remixed Grafitti Part 2 [NRK]
10. TORI AMOS Professional Widow Van Helden rmx [Atlantic]
11. KIKI Gas 126 [B Pitch Control]
12. THE HACKER Fadin' Away [Good Life]
13. ZOMBIE NATION Unload [Gigolo]
14. NUMBER OF NAMES Shari Vari [Gigolo]
15. ZODIAC Just be Good to me [NRK]
17. LADY B The Groove is Going [Unit]
18. EURYTHMICS Love is a Stranger [EMI]

...if we're not carefull, we'll be shacking up for the shortfall; and floating away...

Western society is conditioned into a certain way of being. We’re constantly being

removed from our sense of connection: to ourselves, to each other, to the planet.

There is a great danger in this, that through our disconnection we’ve circumvented

the conscience that would have prevented much unnescessary and indiscriminate


Our planet is starting to buck up under the strain and the revolution that needs to

happen has to begin with each individual; it’s a personal revolution. That’ll only

occur when people start to feel connected.

In the raw form of dance exists the primal thread of connection. I’m one of many who, together make up a movement given to drawing that thread through the eye of the needle. It’s up to us all to drive that needle home, deep into the fabric of our future.

That’s what it’s about for me; that’s where I’m at.


As far as I know, I am not a robot.