Into The Groovy migrates to Straightup after 12 years on Melbourne's PBSFM (1990-2002)! Brian continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world.

Playlist 28/06/06 - Dubwise selection

1. the emperors new clothes welcome to your world [acid jazz]
2. dub syndicate hey ho [on-u-sound]
3. barmy army blue moon [on-u-sound]
4. d-u-b dub tino [tino-corp]
5. style and fashion jah batta and skatee [wackies]
6. rizing green green [sf recordings]
7. twinkle brothers dub tension [twinkle]
8. linton kwesi johnson street 66 [island]
9. hallucinator sethos [chain reaction]
10. tikiman music a fe rule [rhtythm and sound]
11. tikiman spend some time [burial mix]
12. tikiman why [burial mix]
13. twilight circus & big youth love is what we need dub [m records]
14. brother culture (twighlight dub mix) foundation rockers 10 [mrec]

This week we go with the soccer vibe for a while with a few tunes from Adrian Sherwood's On-U-Sound label.... especially the Barmy Army. After that we settle down for a few cool vocal tunes from Wackies, LKJ and Green Green before submerging deep into Burial Mix style. It's all nicely capped off with some equally subaquatic Twiglight Circus. Definitely a show for the most comfortable chair in a warm room with the collie and a good red!


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