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Playlist 23/06/06

1. Santana Aqua Marine [ CBS - 86098]
2. RH Factor feat. Renee Neufville On The One [ Verve - 0602498885062]
USA represented by DJ LADIES PLEASE/Afrodisiac Soundsystem NYC
4. Afrodisiac Soundsytem Fela vs. Queen [ Afrobeat - N/A]
5. Balkan Beatbox AdirAdirimi [ White - N/A]
6. Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra Che Che Cole/Makossa Mix [ Daptone - DAP12001]
7. Afrodisiac Soundsytem Rayvon vs. Fela [ Afrobeat - N/A]
8. Static Revenger Music Makes Me Feel So Good [ White - N/A]
9. Afrodisiac Soundsytem Dimples vs. Lakeside [Afrobeat - N/A]
10. Tim Curry Sweet Transvestite/Ursula/FKF Remix [ White - N/A]
11. Leroy Hanghofer Bathroom Boogie [ Gomma - GOMMA040]
13. Palm Skin Productions Love Will Go [ Freerange - FR071]
BRASIL represented by NERY BAUER/Florianopolis Brasil
15. Maria Alcina Fio Maravilha [ Continental - 092745835-2]
16. Monobloco Taj Mahal/Fio Maravilha/Pais Tropical [ Som LIvre - 7891430021023]
17. Skank Mandrake E Os Cubanos [ Sony - 2-492071]
18. Skank Uma Partida De Futebol [ Sony - 2-479307]
19. Gabriel o Pensador Brasuca [ Sony - 2-495524]
20. Castanha e Caju Futebol No Inferno [ Trama - 153-2]
21. Grupo Batuque E Ruim/Zero db Remix [ Fluid Ounce - flozcd02]
23. Mod X feat. SLS Latin Fiesta/DC6 Remix [ Ice & Spice White - ISR004]
25. Yujiro Ishihara Seibu Keisatsu Theme II [ Teichiku - N/A]
26. Don Alfo & Pereze Prado Circle [ Unifunk - N/A]
27. Jimmy Bellmartin Movie Star [ Polydor - N/A]
28. The Brothers Brother Groove [ Polydor - N/A]
29. The Latin Jazz Ensemble La Verdera [ Veejay - N/A]
30. Orchestra Cometa Obstinacy [ CEM - N/A]
31. I Gres Voleur [ Globe Vision - N/A]
32. Cacares Rompe Con Tudo [ Philips - N/A]
33. Juan Pablo Torres Rompe Cocorioco [ Phase 6 - N/A]
34. Jose Fajardo Africa Linda [ Coco - N/A]
35. The Cuban Boys Cha-Cha En Copa [ Destaque - N/A]
36. Twistin' Kings Congo Pt. 1 [ Motown - N/A]
37. Eric Frammond L'hysterie [ MP - N/A]
38. Sapan Jagmohan Giraffe Trapping [ EMI India - N/A]
39. Orchestre Picoby d'Acomey-Dahomey Mi Ma Kpe Dji [ Albarika Store - N/A]

phew...ghana made it!!! lookiing very much forward to that match now: ghana:brasil! but before germany:sweden of course.
now the world cup actually starts....in the meantime the soulsearching worldcup 2006 went into its 3rd round and another big package of very cool and different mixes courtesy of DJ Ladies Please/Afrodisiac Soundsystem NYC representing USA:Nery Bauer representing BRASIL:Gerd/4Lux representing HOLLAND. very glad to be able to broadcast such good music in high quality mixes ! thanks, obrigado, bedankt to all 3 teams!
next week its round 4 with GHANA-Charlie Dark:MEXICO-armando ramirez:SWEDEN-sumo.

remember, you decide at the end , who wins! so send me an email at radio@soulpatrol.de and choose your winner.very difficult , i know , as they are all delivering ace mixes.

clubwise i am on the way to vienna for a session on friday 23rd at the cafe leopold, launching the soulsearching show on FM4 (starting july 06) and my return to bratislava this saturday 24th - watch out for detailled infos when in town.

last weeks LAZY. was an amazing session! thanks to the crowd, thanks to all djs! syreeta's "to know you is to love you" at peaktime plus tears for fears "change/mr's LAZY edit" went down like a storm. . . catch the vibe on the next ride july 1st. maybe you are in town for the football...come to party afterwards.

and to all artists/labels who send me music - there's gonna be a strong pure soulpatrol box show once the world cup is over, hold tight and thanks very much for all the brilliant tunes!

enjoy the music,

ps. don't forget to tune in friday morning 10-12 for gilles peterson worldwide with words & music by the one and only peter kruder.


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