A radio rendition of the freaky club show. Blending acid-electro-beats’n’bent-tech-housing treats.

Playlist 16/06/06

1. Ph Magic Forehead [ Noodles Discotheque]
2. Kiki & the Silversurfer Wasp [ Bpitch Control]
3. Mathias Schaffhauser Music Ohne Bass [ Force Inc]
4. Terminal Head Mind Of Your Own (The Lights Vocal Mix) [ Kilowatt]
5. Smithmonger Sky High [ Loaded]
6. Mike & Charlie I Get Live (Fatboy Slim Remix) [ Radikal]
7. Moguai U Know Y (Si Begg “Si Futures” Rmx) [ Hope]
8. King Unique Music Please [ Junior]
9. Sunday Brunch Sable Chaud (Air Frog Rmx) [ Svek]
10. Air Frog Bon Voyage [ Svek]
11. Vitalic La Rock [ Gigolo]
12. The Semi’s Radio Semi Outro [ Semilisciousness]

Lets go back to 2003...yes why not, I mean anything good now must have come from somewhere in the past...and so are the Semi laws of the universe. This ones for ye old faithful KinetiK heads made available once more due to popular demand, yes the first KinetiK released free demo mix 001 mixed by Heath Myers, of which there was very few in circulation. A taste of the Party-Electro-Tech’n’Breaks combo that put KinetiK on the map as the first true cross genre underground party in Melbourne. You asked for it, here it is...enjoy.


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