The dance floor tracks you hear on "Spank Da Bass" are going to contain that sub sonic element, but it's the other kooky left field things that will amaze and stun you...

Playlist 14/06/06

1. SIA where I belong-hot chip mix [white]
2. FC Kahuna hailing [city rockers]
3. Space raiders beautiful crazy [skint]
4. seelentluft LA women [klein]
5. a man called adam stay with me [other records]
6. offshore cyanide music EP1 [cyanide music]
7. zero 7 distractions-Idjut remix [ultimate dilemma ]
8. Djinj brown abuelita?s dance [seven head]
9. cujo the brazilianaire [nine bar records]
10. brooks dripping in gold [mantis]
11. erik sumo do it your self [pulver ]
12. hot chip sexual chocolate [moshi moshi]
13. the doors riders on the storm N.O.W mix [white]
14. goldie inner city life [FFRR]

In this edition of "Spank Da Bass" its smooth groov'n time so that all the ice-cream pirate and ninja cats can chill out and dream of drink'n beer on a sunny afternoon in the middle of winter!
We kick it with one of the smoothest remixes from "HOT CHIP" .. SIA's "where I belong" ..
Along with "aman called adam" you wont wanna miss some rare chill gem's ..
From CUJO AKA Amon Tobin & Cyanide AKA Chicane plus a rare legal remix of The Doors "Riders On The Storm" by Nightmares On Wax..
Sit back relax and enjoy a mellow day by the bay .. The megjuanadon!


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