Into The Groovy migrates to Straightup after 12 years on Melbourne's PBSFM (1990-2002)! Brian continues to play tunes that span the whole spectrum of the world.

Playlist 12/06/06 - Noodles Discotechque mix up

1. advice to the young si begg [noodles]
2. brothers and sisters si begg [noodles]
3. funky edits R a must si begg [noodles]
4. mouth fool jamie lidell [noodles]
5. living in a disco culture cruncher [noodles]
6. unknown dialect navario souro & si begg [noodles]
7. ansaphone anal parade [noodles]
8. fuel conk tanzmusik [noodles]
9. sloop dee j culture cruncher [noodles]
10. work that mutha michael forshaw [noodles]
11. crowd dispersal correctional facilites [noodles]
12. alright already-enough is enough little nobody [noodles]
13. no future house si begg [noodles]
14. technical person photon wallet [noodles]
15. lenny dee kid whatever [noodles]
16. for the mall kidz kid whatever [noodles]
17. booty shaker culture cruncher [noodles]
18. circle OBS van der hoogs country collective [noodles]

This chapter of Into The Groovy is called "turn left, and left again". A swag of extremely twisted (dance) tunes from the "stupidest record label in the world" - Si Begg's Noodles imprint. Check out the sagely words of advice for parents in the intro...................


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