Manchester, UK... A heavy hip hop beat is laid down... Rhythm and sound, past and present... We build on the funk & soul that surrounds us all.

Playlist 1/06/06

1. Desmond Dekker 007 (shanty town) [ Doctor Bird]
2. Sounds Good Ms.Brown ft Ms. Sandra Brown [ Subcontract]
3. Charlie Wilson Floatin ft Justin Timberlake [ Rawshots]
4. Leela James Music (Hoods edit) [ CDR]
5. Sounds Good Worldwide feat. Joc Max [ Subcontract]
6. Bomb The Bass Bug powder dust (La Funk Mob remix) [ Stoned Hights]
7. Roddy Rod Cuba revolt [ Jazzy Sports]
8. Up Hygh Let me looz ft Leafnuts [ Jugglin]
9. Elektrons Get up [ Genuine]
10. Quannum Spectrum I changed my mind [ Ninja Tune]
11. Stars of the Lid Requiem for dying mothers [ Kranky]
12. Stars of the Lid Austin Texas mental hospital [ Kranky]
13. Boards of Canada ?84 Pontiac Dream [ Warp]
14. Billie Holiday God bless the child [ MCA]
15. Telefon Tel Aviv Fahrenheit fair enough [ Hefty Records]
16. Jackson and his Computer Band Hard tits [ Warp]
17. Ernesto Worth the waiting [ Exceptional]
18. Thomas Fehlmann Prefab [ Plug Research]
19. Tiombe Lockhart Drifter [ Giant Step]
20. Thomas Fehlmann Interstellar [ Plug Research]
21. Prefuse 73 Expressing views is obviously illegal [ Warp]
22. Andre Orefjard Whatyousayin [ Creative Souls]
23. Steve Spacek Dollar [ Sound in colour]
24. Common testify [ Geffen]
25. Take Dream over [ unknown]
26. Dr Octagon Bear witness [ Dreamworks]
27. Dobie B-Boy anthem [ Pussyfoot]
28. Abdullah Ibrahim Calypso minor (DJ Explizit mix) [ Enja]
29. Barbara Acklin Am I the same girl (Local People remix) [ Victor Japan]

First time I cannot blame the bus for me being late! Just bought myself a motor the other day. I called it Gordon and he is ace :)

anyway, enough of my excuses.. here is the show!!
R.I.P. Desmond Dekker 1942 -2006


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