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Playlist 26/05/06

1. Capitol A In The Remix [Sonarkollektiv Test]
2. Kid Sublime Something About Your Love [Kindred Spirits - KS010LP]
3. Kid Sundance & Dudley Perkins Mother Earth [Fair Deal Records - FDR003]
4. Ramsey Lewis Slippin Into Darkness [ Columbia - KC31096]
5. War Beetle in The Bog [ Lax Records - 0060.157]
6. Cymande Anthrazite [ Janus - JLS3054]
7. Kuniyuki Earth Beats/Henrik Schwarz Mix [ Mule Musiq 006]
8. Rudoulpho Touch Me [ Ibadan - irc075]
9. Mark E. Give It Up For Love [ Test]
11. Lindbaek & Lindstrom Alien In My Pocket [ Modal 003]
12. Spacepimp K9 Law [ Clear 415]
13. I:Cube Tokyo Uno [ Versatile 044]
14. Ennio Morricone Disco 78 [ Bimbo Records/EMI]
15. Anthony Mansfield Oh Snap [ Hector Works 001]
16. Phreek Plus One I Love You [ Compost Black Label #7]
17. The Juan Maclean Give Me Every Little Thing [ DFA/EMI 2149]
18. Tussle I'm An Indian Too" [ Yesca 00]
19. DJ T. Funk On You [ Physical 033]
20. Crazy P. Lady T. [ Shiva 08]
21. Zwicker Made Up [ Compost Black Label #4]
22. Nick Chacona Meso Loco/Putsch 79 Mix [ Moodmusic 026]
23. Unknown Untitled [ White]
24. Stranger 2Dimes [ Grayhound US 051]
25. Quantum Fireball Dirty Girty Rides Again [ MTW 069]
27. Unknown Sueno Merino [Test]

first things first: THANK YOU henrik schwarz for this special jam session and your absolutely mindblowing liveset last saturday !!! best laptop live set i have heard and seen. fullstop. too many great moments to mention , but especially the live edited and mixed versions of Kuniyukis "earthbeats", Coldcuts "walk a mile" , Cymande's "anthrazite", ..... are still in my mind. to be continued somewhere, somewhen later this year. watch out.
takin us a bit back in time with the approach , not the music , is this week's exclusive mixtape by the Italian producers PHREEK PLUS ONE. bit of Cosmic vibe definately goin on there. very cool . check their music on Compost Black Label. Mille grazie for the mix and the music!
...and last but not least dankeschoen to everybody for that crazy LAZY. session! part 3 to follow june 3rd.
next weeks show with the summer breeze 2006 mix part 1 plus a mixtape selection out of the jazz rooms brighton.

enjoy the music,


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