Manchester, UK... A heavy hip hop beat is laid down... Rhythm and sound, past and present... We build on the funk & soul that surrounds us all.

Playlist 17/05/06

1. DJ Day Lucien [ Subcontract]
2. 50 Htz Seek know more ft. Ladi6 [ Kartel]
3. Omar Lay it down ft. Estelle [ Ether]
4. Sounds Good Marvin [ Subcontract]
5. Up Hygh Get out my face ft. Melo [ Jugglin]
6. Disco Sucks Gangster boogie [ Disco sucks]
7. DJ Day Four Hills [ Melting Pot]
8. Dangerdoom BenziBox (Raw Recut Reedit) [ Rawshots]
9. Sounds Good Basic [ Subcontract]
10. DJ Day Gone Bad [ Subcontract]
11. The Roots BOOM! [ Geffen]
12. Rich Harrison ft. Missy Elliott Can't stop (Raw Recut Reedit) [ Rawshots]
13. The Roots Thought@work [ Geffen]
14. Beatconductor Sumthin betta [ GAMM]
15. Elektrons Sunshine love [ Genuine]
16. DJ Day Get it on [ Subcontract]
17. Linda Lewis Sideways shuffle [ Warner]
18. unknown unknown [ unknown]
19. James Brown The funky drummer (Listen to the Muro mix) [ Universal]
20. US3 Cantaloop [ Bluenote]
21. Double Dee & Steinski History of hip hop: Lesson 2 [ White]
22. Maceo and the Macks Cross the tracks [ Universal]
23. Status IV You Ain't Really Down (Jazzanova Hey Baby Remix) [ JCR]
24. Bob & Earl Harlem shuffle [ Old gold]

This weeks show finally comes together after 3 different recordings, one microphone incident and returning home last sunday afternoon to find a band performing a gig in my front room. Hectic to say the least... Lots of tasty treats outta Japan on the Subcontract label, Yam Who gives a helping hand to rerub lots of good hiphop on their new Rawshots project. The Unabombers sprinkle some mancunian disco goodness on their new EP with the track sunshine love and the Beatconductor shakes things up with his retake on Free life's gospel/disco classic. Oh yeah... the unknown track... I can't find the record i played it off, not even Shazam could figure out what it was... Answers on a postcard please...


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