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Playlist 16/05/06

1. Sir Apple Simple Man [CD-R.]
2. Sir Apple Tell Your Friends [CD-R.]
3. Rare Moods Numbers [Comet.]
4. Paolo Fedreghini & Marco Bianchi Nothing Has To Change [Schema.]
5. The Jazz Invaders Love And Happiness [Social Beats.]
6. Beatconductor Karumba [G.A.M.M]
7. Jazz Juice Sound Of The Summer [Freestyle.]
8. Bobbi Humphrey Harlem River Drive [Blue Note.]
9. Red Rackem’ It’s A Demo [Rackem.]
10. Drift Sugar Train [CD-R.]
11. Jon Kennedy The Nerve Centre [Oriental Source.]
12. Quasimode Oneself—Likeness [Raw Fusion]

Downbeat selections in the very first part of this Heavy Mannas show with exclusive CD-R tests comin’ from Fremantle’s very own Sir Apple (two of the guys from the band Rhibosome) and later a new hip hop drop from UK’s Drift. We are only in to the first half of ’06 and musically, it’s looking very, very good. Please enjoy and do feel free to touch base here; paulgamblin@westnet.com.au

Peace n’ Luv from HEAVY MANNAS


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