Toupee and Not Happy Jan are electric partners in crime, subversifying sounds and Sucking Your disco with bent minimalistics and presumptuous electronix.

Playlist 1/05/06

1. Some Black Guy Rare Shit [Ghetto Recordings]
2. Gosub In this life [Kondi]
3. Freddy Fresh Screwdriver [Sockett]
4. Novamen Automizame Lentamente [KNY]
5. Anthony Rother Hacker [Psi49net]
6. Cosmic Force Break it all down [Marguerita Recordings]
7. Professor X Rekonstruktx [Clone]
8. Mariel Ito My modulation [Spacebar Sentiments]
9. Unknown DJ & DJ Slip X-Men [Techno Kut]
10. Imatran Voima Commando [Dominance Electricity]

Portal visits the ghetto and comes down with a nasty case of the clap. Inspired by his experiences he quickly recorded this mix for SMD using two car stereos and screwdriver... not-so-fresh acid house, grubby electronix, La Haya bass and crack-pipe electro.


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