Tunes that cross the globe and blur the boundaries between Soul, Jazz, Afro, Funk, Latin, Hip Hop & Soul.

Playlist 1/09/15

1. Leron Thomas Roleplay [ CDR]
2. Mkali Bahari Orchestra Black Rite [ Freestyle]
3. Felix Laband Deaf Safari Righteous Red Berets [ Compost]
4. Gecko Turner I'll Do That [ Lovemonk]
5. Hailu Mergia Yegle Nesh [ Philophon]
6. Ginger Johnson and his African Messengers I Jool Omo [ CDR]
7. Bobby Boyd Congress In a Strange Strange Land [ Praise Poems]
8. Seeds of Fulfillment The Provider [ Praise Poems]
9. Ghost Writerz Rose [ Tru Thoughts]
10. Juxtpose Technometry [Heard and Felt]
11. Monika Secret In The Dark [ Archangel Music]
12. Space Captain Remedy [ Tru Thoughts]
13. Quantic New Constellation [ Tru Thoughts]
14. Universe



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