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Playlist 24/10/14 with Kormac

2. LFO - Shove Piggy Shove [Warp]
3. LFO - Mokeylips [Warp]
4. Bjork feat Min Xiao-Fen - I See Who You Are [One Little Indian]
5. LFO - El Ef Oh! [Warp]
6. Bjork - In the Musicals [One Little Indian]
7. Bjork - All Neon Like [One Little Indian]
8. LFO - Blown [Warp]
9. LFO - LFO Remix [Warp]
10. LFO - We Are Back Remix [Warp]
11. LFO - Nurture [Warp]
12. Bjork - Bachelorette (Mark Bell Zip Remix) [Warp]
13. Nightmares on Wax - Aftermath (LFO Remix) [Warp]
14. LFO - Freeze [Warp]
15. LFO - Slow Down Speedy [Volume]
16. LFO - Sleepy Chicken [Warp]
18. Kormac feat Vyvienne Long - Drown Me [Bodytonic]
19. Kormac - Everything Around Me [Bodytonic]
20. Kormac - Connect [Bodytonic]
21. Kormac - Mr Soft [Scribble]
22. Kormac - Quackery [Scribble]
23. Kormac - Showtime [Scribble]
25. Ms Murphy - Hold On, We're Going Home [Mercury]
26. Yann Kesz - Love to Me [Nowadays]
27. Jonny Faith - Zheng [Tru Thoughts]
28. Fingazz - Freek'n You [Fingadelic]
29. LTGL - Synchronized, Not Talking [Tangram]
30. Damiano Von Erckert - Diamonds and Girls [Eglo]
31. The Rebirth - This is Coming To [Walk Talkin]
32. Mary J Blige - Whole Damn Year [Capitol]
33. Kasket - Synthesis Part 2 (For Moonbeam) [Apollo]

A tribute to the amazing producer Mark Bell of LFO and Bjork fame, a true pioneer of UK electronic music. Then it was Dublin's DJ Kormac dropping in to talk about his new album and translating sample-based music to the stage with his big band. The rest of the show was a bunch of all killer no filler essential hot tracks, of course.

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